Revlon Makeup Review

When Revlon contacted me to do a makeup review for them, I was way excited! Problem was, they sent the stuff to my house in the US, and I am currently on holiday at my Mexico house. 
I was supposed to have this review up ages ago, but I only recently was able to get some things from home in the states. 

Here is what they sent me:

When I saw those bright eyeshadow colors - I'll admit I freaked a little. I mean, am I a CLOWN? But once I got them on (there's even a nifty guide on the back which tells you JUST where to put each color) - it wasn't that bad. Honestly though, not my fave. The purple was gorgeous, but the blue and green were too bright for my skin tone. 

   The red lip-gloss, however, I love! Its a little sticky, but I've definitely had worse - and the color is so pretty. I also love how after I took it off, my lips were stained red. I love me a good lip stain! 

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