Owl Cupcakes

  For my son's birthday last week, (see what we got him here!),
I made him some owl cupcakes! 
They were pretty last minute, and didn't turn out quite the way I wanted,
but he loved them. 
The cream part of the oreo had too many crumbs, but they were yummy!

Have you seen this book? Next time you do, snatch it up. It's awesome!  
(Here it is on Amazon)


 Want to know what I used? 
I used:
*Mini cupcakes
*Mini oreos 
(cut the plain part of an oreo in half for the ears)
*Mini m&m's 

That's it! 
I also made Mama Owl cupcakes, using regular sized cupcakes, oreos, and m&m's- but they were eaten before I could take a picture. 


Play Kitchen

 I can't believe it, but my baby is TWO! 
For his birthday, we decided we wanted to get him a play kitchen, 
because he LOVES to pretend to cook, clean, and do the dishes. 
Hopefully he enjoys doing this in the future... ;)

Have you noticed how darn expensive these plastic kitchens are? 
There have been SO many cute DIY ones out in blogland, but by the time I figured out what to get him, it was too late to start one.
So we bought one at WalMart for about 80 dollars.
The next day, I walked into the DI and saw this beauty for TEN dollars. TEN!!

The only thing wrong with it- a few cracks in the oven door! No biggie. 

 So, I took it all apart, cleaned it, spray painted it, re-wired it- and here it is!!

(I'm not finished- I still need to do the bottom trim, and touch up the paint under the oven door- but I'm fairly pleased!)

 Here is what I did to the oven door~
I used some special glue, taped over it until it dried, and then painted it. 
It's not perfect, but it will do!


 Inside the oven, I didn't want to paint too much, so it's still a little girly- but after re-wiring everything- it works! As in, the lights light up and a fan blows out cool air (while a song plays...haha).

 I happened to go to Kmart this week, which almost never happens, and came across this blender and mixer for $16... total. They came with cups and fake ice/lemons, etc. My boys will LOVE these.

Kitchen and Paint - $20
Accessories- $28.50
 TOTAL: $48.50

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Ring Holder Tutorial

 I needed a cute new way to display rings for all the upcoming shows and fairs, 
so I decided to finally make ring holders out of heels like the 
one I saw in Ruche:

I just LOVE the nautical stripes, but I couldn't find any white (or blue) heels at the DI, so I decided to go a little fancier. 

I forked over a whopping $4 for these heels. 


 After cleaning/disinfecting (...ya never know!) them, I painted the bottoms red like 
beloved Christian Louboutin shoes! 
{acrylic paint worked great}

I decided to do each shoe different, since I wouldn't be wearing them ever anyways.
For the first one, I cut up a bunch of little circles, rounded the edges, and hot glued them on. Then I glued a rhinestone button on for some bling!

 For the next shoe I was feeling a little lazy, so I just took the left over black material and glued it here and there... I ended up LOVING the look- I would totally rock these shoes. 

 But I need these shoes to really grab people's attention, so I added a little sparkle...

I thought I had foam (for the inserts) but I couldn't find it tonight, so I just grabbed some scrap fabric and pillow stuffing. 
There is probably a much nicer, more professional way to do this- but oh well.
1. Cut a rectangle out of scrap fabric
2. Hot glue long ends together
3. Stuff it full of stuffing...
4. And hot glue the ends
5. Then I just glued them into the shoe...

And I'm sure you guys can find way cuter shoes to do this with- our DI didn't have a great selection this week...

Ruche's version: $18.99 (excluding s&h)

My version: $4! 

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Kid Proof Remote Control

FYI:  I am in no way being paid to say this-
I just want to share the awesome remote I got this week!  

Ok, so first of all let me just tell you all how weird it is for me to call it a Remote. 
My family has always called it 'the TV thing.' 
My husband always makes fun of me when I say things like, 
"Where's the TV thing?"
I know, I know. It's strange. 
I blame it on my parents. 

Anyways, I was at Target yesterday with some girl friends and I came across this "Remote" in the clearance section. 
I love it. 

I don't know about you, but our children pretty much control our TV watching. 
They know exactly how to operate our "remote," and it drives me crazy. 

This "remote" can be programmed to store up to seven channels of your choosing! 
Knowing my kiddos, they would figure out how to re-program it in all of five minutes...
except for this little detail:

To reprogram it, you have to unscrew the bottom!

When you do, it reveals this little key pad:

There is  volume control, so the kids don't turn the TV up too loud,
OR you can just disable the volume so they can't turn it up or down at all,
OR you can take the volume control off so it can be used regularly.

You can also program it to turn to a specific channel as soon as the TV is turned on, if you want.

There are many different options to choose from- I love how customizable it is! 

This remote works for a TV and/or a cable box. I'm not sure if it works for digital TV though, as we just have plain ol' cable. 

Something I don't like is that the kids can still change channels/volume on the TV itself, but I solved that problem months ago by completely covering those buttons with layers of thick paper and tape.

Now my boys are happy because they get to use their own special "remote" and we are happy because they can only change the channel to a few channels! 
(If you would like one of your own, I suggest looking at Target first- or Google

Sony RM-KZ1 Universal Kids TV Remote Control

I only paid $10 for ours)


Ring Holder

Craft fair/Farmer's Market season is coming up and I need a cute way to display my rings for sale! 
So, for a few weeks months I have been meaning to make a knock-off version of
Ruche's ring holder. 

(image source)
Be on the lookout- a tutorial is coming soon!

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Sad Day!

I found this AMAZING cookie jar back in December and I have been waiting for warmer weather to paint it. Since I went to California a few weeks ago I wrapped it like crazy in bubble wrap and brought it with (we drove)! ...As soon as we got there, the head broke. =( 
I am just heart broken. 
::sniff sniff::