Earring Holder Tutorial

I found a GORGEOUS frame at the DI for only $5. It has two chips in it (see pic below) - I plan on getting some gold paint to blend the white in ... The black part of the frame is velvet! 

I found this 25 foot roll of chicken wire at C-A-L Ranch for about $6....


I cut a piece to fit over the back of the frame using wire cutters. It would be best to use a staple gun to secure the wire down...but I only have a regular staple. =) I put in about a million staples, and it worked just fine! 

Here is what it looks like (from the front) so far--

 I saved the cardboard backing that originally came with the frame- but if yours doesn't have one, just cut some cardboard to size. 
I took some green-ish colored stretchy lace that I had lying around, and covered the cardboard piece with it. I was going to hot glue it on, but decided to staple it instead...

When you staple it, make sure the top of the stapler is stapling into the BACK of the cardboard piece. That way, you just have the two little prongs on the front (see above pic). 

Since I used lace, with a little fabric maneuvering I got the fabric to go over the top of the staple like this:

If you look closely, you can still see the staple- but it's not noticeable at all! Since I didn't use hot glue, I can easily change the fabric out whenever I want. 

The next step is to lay your backing in the frame. You will have to bend the chicken wire in some places for a good fit- but it's easy! My frame still had the silver staples, so I bent them back down and secured it like that.

Voila! A gorgeous earring holder! I am using this to display the earrings I will be selling in my shop and at local boutiques!

 Here are some closeups of my new vintage inspired earrings!!

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Framed Chalkboard

Once a month some local girls and I exchange gifts. We don't (usually) know the other girl, so we get a survey about her and come up with something to give. Here is what I decided to do this month.
I got a frame from the thrift store- this one didn't have glass, but the print is on very thick cardboard.

I initially tried spray painting the frame- but it was too cold outside. It didn't work so well. =) 

 So I used some left over paint from my chair makeover...and then covered the picture in chalkboard paint! The paint works well over glass too, so you can do whatever you want.

Sorry this picture isn't the greatest- I had a hard time getting a good full picture of it.

 I LOVE how it turned out and can't wait to make one for myself. =)

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Vintage Door Headboard

I got this amazing vintage door at an antique store for only $20! The doors  next to it were priced between $100 and $200- so I knew something was up. I took it up front and asked them- they said it was probably a mistake, but I talked them into giving it to me for the tagged price! woot-woot!! 

Here is a cell phone picture:

I loved the chipped paint, and would have kept it as is- but it was chipping like crazy...and I was worried about lead paint. So after safely removing the paint, I took all the necessary precautions against lead paint. After I painted everything, I added a bit of stain to distress it, and then I attached two 2x4s (cut to desired length) with some screws, giving the door "legs."  Here is the finished result:

Now that I've had it for 9 months or so, I'm thinking I want to "shabby" it up a bit. It needs some more distressing...
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A year or two ago I found a few gorgeous china plates at a garage sale. They were worn, but for some reason- I just loved them. Fast forward to a few weeks ago, when I went to my first auction (although I remember going to some with my dad when I was little). Sitting in a box were a few more pieces of that same china...and I got the whole box for $2.50. My friend mentioned to me the stamp on the bottom, which said, 'Made in Occupied Japan.' (For more information on Occupied Japan, see here.)
How awesome is that? Well, I knew that I wanted more of this china- preferably the whole set. But, I knew this would probably never happen. 
WELL--->   remember that china set I got at the auction last week? I bought it, because I figured it was my best bet at getting a full-ish vintage china set. I NEVER even realized, until a reader emailed me, that the flower print on this china is the EXACT SAME print as my beloved few pieces of Occupied Japan china. No wonder I was instantly drawn to it! Funny how things work out, huh? 

(My favorite print, on the right- and my auction find on the left)