Glittered Clothespin Tutorial


Hello there! I'm Allison from Our Vintage Love, and I'm so excited that Emily invited me over to share a simple (yet fabulous) DIY project! This will be great for the upcoming new year and its festivities! You will need: Plastic or Wooden Clothespins Glue (Liquid or Stick) Glitter Paper Towel (or something to protect your surface and make it easy to pour excess glitter back into its container)
Step One - Pour a good amount of your glitter onto your paper towel.
Step Two - Place glue onto one side of your clothespin. Choose the flattest side if possible. 
Step Three - If you're using liquid glue, smooth out the glue onto your clothespin making sure that all of the clothespin is covered well. 
Step Four - Turn your clothespin over and place on top of your glitter. Move the clothespin around the glitter as needed, and check for areas that may need more glitter.
Step Five - Let dry completely. This is different depending on the type of glue you're using. I let mine sit all day while I was away, and they were ready to use when I got home.
Step Six - Add these beauts to make your space look fabulous, or attach a magnet to the back and use on your fridge. The possibilities are endless!
Feel free to stop by over at Our Vintage Love and see what I did with my glitter clothespins! 
Thanks again to Emily for allowing me to be a guest on her wonderful blog. It has been such an honor!
Happy glittering!

Thanks Allison! I will be linking this up to a few of the blogs found here.

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