Spray Painted Chandelier

Hey guys! In case you missed my last guest post, here it is!!

Ok, so I got this ugly chandelier from the DI for 5 whole bucks way back in January!
I know- it's cute, right?? 

I cleaned it up, got rid of the wires, and painted it a pretty blue color!
I was planning on hanging it in my home, but
when I saw the hook already outside... I couldn't help myself. 
What do you think??

My front entry is still a work in progress, but
I'll be finished with it someday...soon, hopefully!
That wreath has seen better days... =) 

I love having my vintage kitchen cart outside, and cute (vintage, of course) watering cans
help spruce it up!



  1. You have such cute ideas. And cute colors!!! Did you put candles in it?

  2. Very pretty. Quite a deviation from the normal whites and a beautiful one. It's really adding that touch. Love your painted pails too. Is it a bulb or a candle chandelier?