Bunco Gift

I am excited for Bunco tonight! 
Have you guys ever played it before? 
Well, you should!
It's super fun. 
Some groups do it differently, but I love how the girls here do it.
Instead of bringing money to add to one big gift, everyone brings a gift- and everyone
goes home with one! 
We are all poor grad school students, so our gifts aren't elaborate. 
Here is what I came up with...it was supposed to be Fall themed, so I hope it's good enough!

First, I got a basket from the Salvation Army... the best one they had.

Instead of white washing it - I "blue" washed it...

Then I filled it with scraps of scrapbook paper, which I ran through my shredder!

I added a cute print - find yours HERE

I found this cute mug, which I put Spiced Apple Cider in, and I just loved this cute journal- so I threw it in too!

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  1. Awesome... And I've never played Bunco but that sounds like an awesome idea... I like the idea of everybody bringing something and going home with something, sounds much more enjoyable! Love the basket!