Guest Post: Photography Tips

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Hi guys! I recently asked Tara, one of my sponsors,  
to give my readers some photography tips. 
Make sure to check Tara's page out,
(after reading her awesome tips, of course!)
you will LOVE her style! 

Without further ado, here is Tara~~

"i am so stoked to be able to talk to you all on this amazing blog. 
don't you all just love emily with all your heart?
i seriously hope some day to be as crafty and cute as she is.

she asked me to share some photo tips with all of you
which is possibly my absolute favorite thing to talk about,
so i will do my best to try and keep it short and sweet,
but i am not making any promises. 
and i am going to focus on photographing people
cause that's my fav. 
but if you guys have any questions at all, 
feel free to contact me at taraphotographics [at] gmail [dot] com

tip number one
always make sure the eyes are sharp & bright
when looking at pictures of people.. the first thing people will look at are the eyes. 
if they aren't sharp, something just feels off
i put my camera on single point AF, lock the focus on the eyes, and then compose the picture from there.
all you need is just a crisp sharpness
and last but not least.. get some light in those peepers!
having bright crisp eyes is night and day for a great picture.

tip number two: 
the awkward foot crop...
this is especially hard with groups or families when you are trying to get everyone looking good at the same time. 
but this will make the difference of "taking a picture" and "making a picture"
anyone can take a picture but it takes an artist to make a picture. 
i actually made this mistake yesterday let me show you…
so i cropped it in and i still have a little bit of foot croppage on Meranda, but it's much better i think.
 so when taking pictures of groups (especially at weddings) show their feet! 
they work hard to look good from head to toe so you should see it.
so i guess what i am saying is crop things intentionally
have fun being creative, but it is in your best interest to not cut people off at their ankles or their toes.
Either photograph all of them or crop in.

tip number three: 
Pay attention to the space above their heads!
Because i took this picture this way.. the only way i could fix it is by cropping it in.
your best bet is to capture the entire subject (head to toe) to give yourself both options (cropped or not cropped)

the space above the head thing can save your pictures.
don't have unnecessary space up there unless it has a purpose.
(like the picture below)

 i hope all of this makes sense. 
and every "rule" has exceptions 
(except for white vignettes and harsh shadows on faces but we will save that for another day. hah.) 
but hopefully this will give you something to think about and experiment with. 
have a fantastic day."
Thanks so much Tara! 
Remember, let her know if you have 
any questions (or leave them in a comment here, and we might have a follow up post!)  
Make sure to check out her awesome blog and drool over the gorgeous pictures.

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    (first time here, found you at a link up party and so glad I did!)

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    I am a new follower from the Show and Tell Linking Party at Blue Cricket Design. If you have a chance come by and say hi.

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