Bubbles and Bratwurst Birthday Party

When my friend showed me this lovely birthday party 

her sis-in-law threw, 
I knew I had to share it with you!

Here is what she had to say about the details:

"I guess none of my ideas were completely "original!" I knew I didn't want to spend very much so I was going to make everything myself. I looked for hours online for ideas of other parties that I thought were beautiful and pulled pictures of things that I liked from each. I came out with, literally, pages of little picture images printed out. I'm a list kind of girl and you should have seen my lists!"

"Before I could decide on which decorations/theme I wanted to do, I had to pick the venue. Luckily there's a little patch of grass in NYC that I had access to. My husband and I have a little garden plot so we asked for permission to use the front half of the garden area for the party. It turned out to be the perfect location!"

 "After I solidified the spot, I sat down with my book of ideas and a marker and crossed out/circled the things I wanted or didn't want to do. I picked the theme "Bubbles and Bratwurst."
It was originally going to be something just with bubbles and lots of candy, but my husband really wanted to grill! So we found a good compromise! I originally wanted to do the colors in pink and orange, but as I was shopping around, the color orange that I wanted was really difficult to find so I decided to go with lime green instead!"

"For decorations, we strung fishing wire back and forth across the garden and hung the paper lanterns and tissue paper pompoms. There were colored table cloths/napkins, a long string of a construction paper chain that was draped from one end of the garden to the other, and a handful of helium balloons."

"We also had a photo countdown, with pictures of Lorilie during each month!"

 "When the guests walked into the garden, there was a table with candy and a sign that says, "Grab a hat or tie and enjoy the party!" 
The hats/ties/bow ties were made with scrapbook paper and streamers; ties were made with white elastic string or ribbon."

"We don't have any family in town, so most all of the guests were our friends with just a handful of kids. "

"To entertain the kids we had a big pool with homemade bubble solution. We put hula hoops, big bubble wands, and bubble guns in the pool for everyone to play with!"

"We had a few lawn chairs and a big green beach umbrella out. In one of the corners we had a photo area with silly face sticks. I found photos online and cut out portions of the face (lips, mustache, eyes, nose, etc) and taped them onto kabob sticks."

"A friend brought a balloon pinata! It's tradition in her family to pop the balloon on your birthday!"

"For party favors we had individual bubbles with labels saying, "I turned 1! Thank you for partying with me!"

"For food we had cupcakes with the "face" toppers, bowls of candy (jolly ranchers, Oreos and M&Ms), sodas and waters in a big bucket of ice, brats and dogs and chips."

"I made a smash cake for Lorilie and a bunch of separate cupcakes for the guests."






 Stacy said she ended up spending less than $150 on this whole party, which is AMAZING compared to the THOUSAND dollar parties that people throw for their kids in NYC!!
Stacy also said, 
"It seems silly that I went into all this work on a birthday party for someone who won't remember it, but I really think I did it for myself! I had a lot of fun planning it, and making everything for it."

("I do have to give a little shout-out to my friend Jamie for being so kind and willing to take pictures before and during the party so I could just enjoy myself instead of worrying whether or not I was capturing every little thing! THANKS JAMIE!")
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  1. I saw this party at Kojodesigns and had to check it out! I'm working on my daughter's 1st birthday party and I am totally in love with the clothesline of pictures! Thanks for the inspiration! (we're using pink and green too)

  2. so fun! my baby cousin is turning one next month...so cute (i will share this link w/my aunt!) xoox, tracie

  3. Super cute! Thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday!

  4. What a gorgeous party! Thank you so much for sharing!