Jewelry Stand Makeover

About a million years ago I got this jewelry stand off 
of Craig's List for $15. 
I can FINALLY cross it off of my 'to-do' list today! 

After sanding it, I painted it a light butter yellow. 
After distressing parts,
I LOVE how it turned out. 
The pictures don't do it justice! 

(The photo right below is more the true color) 

Do you like how I totally put the handles on upside down? Oops. 
I'm much to lazy to change it. 


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  1. Love it~didn't even know about the handles until you pointed them out. They look better upside down.

  2. This is such a beautiful makeover! I think the handles look better the wrong way.
    Have a beautiful day!

  3. The handles look like little mustaches! Very cute! Just adds character (not that it was lacking it)!

  4. the look sure did take a change and I love the new look very vintage like

  5. Oh, I really like that! I have one too and have been procrastinating on it forever! You have inspired me. Thanks!

  6. I have one sitting around too and thought about just getting rid of it. But I might just try painting it now!! It looks beautiful, and I think i like the handles upside better anyways :)

  7. It looks a million times better! Way to go!

  8. what a transformation ! well done !

  9. Hi, I came over from Mingle Monday! It's amazing how a little time and paint can transform a piece of furniture. The jewelry stand looks like a much more expensive piece now than before. Love how you distressed it!

  10. Ooooooohhhh...I LOVE it! Thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday!

  11. love it.... i was just thinking that i would love to come accross one of these.. you made it look great . now i really want one.

  12. Like a lot of others have said, I have one too and think I will paint mine now. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

    Peace, Love & Decorate

  13. Love your refashioned jewelry stand. The color is simple and neat and perfect. Love it!

    Cathy@embroidery digitizing