Owl Cupcakes

  For my son's birthday last week, (see what we got him here!),
I made him some owl cupcakes! 
They were pretty last minute, and didn't turn out quite the way I wanted,
but he loved them. 
The cream part of the oreo had too many crumbs, but they were yummy!

Have you seen this book? Next time you do, snatch it up. It's awesome!  
(Here it is on Amazon)


 Want to know what I used? 
I used:
*Mini cupcakes
*Mini oreos 
(cut the plain part of an oreo in half for the ears)
*Mini m&m's 

That's it! 
I also made Mama Owl cupcakes, using regular sized cupcakes, oreos, and m&m's- but they were eaten before I could take a picture. 



  1. Love these little cupcakes! Too cute! Just found you over at My Taylor Made! Newest follower! Come see me too, if you'd like!



  2. Oh, how cute! I love this idea! Happy birthday to your son.

  3. I want to eat one of these RIGHT NOW!!! you sure are one talented momma!