Turning Jeans Into Capris Tutorial

I found some super cute jeans on major sale this week- Levi's for $12? Yes please! 
They were my size...but about 6 inches too long. 
I have about the shortest legs you can imagine. =)
Anyways, I was planning on hemming them into jeans...but then I remembered I am heading to California in a few days, and all I have are winter clothes. So capris were a must! 

Here are my jeans...ready to be cut up!

After putting the jeans on, mark off where you want the capris to hit. I used a pen to make my mark...which I don't recommend- but I couldn't find my tailor's chalk. 
After I made the first mark, I also made marks where I planned on folding it. I wanted a heavy hem, so I wanted to fold it more than once. 

Cut the fabric off on the last line, then fold it up to the middle one. IRON well. This is an important step. Steam helps!

After you fold it the first time, fold it up again to the next line and iron. Fold it one more time- and iron well. 
Using a denim needle and denim thread (I got both at Wal*Mart), I sewed around the leg.

The top hem is the original, and the bottom is the one I hemmed. Quite a difference, huh?

Using sandpaper, I roughed my hem up a bit. It doesn't look quite the same, but after a few washes it will! 
I also took a seam ripper and pulled a few denim threads out here and there. 

Sorry for the bad lighting, but here is what the sand paper/seam ripper did...

And now I have capris to wear in WARM weather!! I don't even remember what the sun looks like...as is evident by the color of my legs!! hehe

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  1. Really great idea! Thank you so much for the great pictures!
    Love your blog and I'm your newest follower.


  2. This make me so excited for summer! I have the opposite problem that you have, my legs are so long, majority of pants are already capris on me! lol! Frustrating! Have fun in California!!
    Thanks so much for linking up to Try it Tuesday at DotDotDot!

  3. wow, jeans for $12, that's awesome! great job hemming the jeans, you make it look really easy!