New Sponsor!

Hey guys! Let me introduce you to my newest sponsor- Alex from 
Alexandra Rose Boutique!!  
 Here is a cute picture of her and her hubby

  {I'm super only kinda sorta jealous of her hair.}
Let me tell you a little bit about Alex before I show you some awesome things from her shop! First, she has a GREAT blog here- check it out! 
Alex is at a pretty awesome age in life (23, almost 24- just like me!! hehe) and is from Oregon. She is a wife and a mommy- and LOVES being both. 
Want some fun facts about Alex??
I knew you did. 

 Here are some fun things she admitted about herself. =) 

I'm addicted to chapstick...berts bees in particular, but in a crunch, anything will do

The labels on the food in my cupboards MUST be facing outwards.
It really bothers me to see the nutrition facts showing
{part of this OCD-ness may be related to the fact that I have clear glass cabinets}

I find it physically impossible to open a can of olives without eating at lest a few

I watch highly intellectual those on the bravo network such as The Real Housewives
{yes, every season}
and Million Dollar Listing

I love diet coke out of the fountain with a short straw...this is very important. I think I may have a fear of the super long straws poking me in the back of the throat...maybe.

I use to really enjoy watching scary movies, but NOT anymore!

I really, really love the beach.
Especially the type of beach where you can actually get in the water.

I talk fast, but I don't realize it.

I consider ice cream to be one of the major food groups.
{It is, isn't it?}

I'm clumsy, and I get embarrassed easily. This is not a good combination.

When it comes to fashion I usually decide that I can "pull off" a certain style
right before it goes out of style

I enjoy reading celebrity smut
{courtesy of my US Weekly subscription, thanks SIL :)}
 much more than I care to admit.

I have no idea what I want to be when I "grow up"
but if it involves crafting I think I'll be happy :)

I created this blog in hopes of connecting with other people who find joy in the same things I do. 
So if you enjoy all things crafty, vintage, eco-friendly, funny, mommy-related, embarrassing, and just plain honest, then go check her blog out! 

Check out these wonderfully wonderful things I am just loving from her shop~
Only THEE cutest checkbook covers

Luscious taggie blankets. Don't those look yummy?

Shabby Chic burp cloths.  With Chenille. Need I say more?

And stinking cute mini wallets! 

 Alex also has a facebook fan page (HERE)- and guess what!? Once she reaches 150 likes, she is going to do an awesome giveaway. So go over there and say hi to her from me!


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