Vintage Inspired Accessories

I LOVE these adorable lace leggings.
They have been discontinued, but I have a few left in my shop! Get them before they are all gone.
(p.s. They run small)

Check out these cute lace bloomers. =)
Found here.

This is the LAST red bow belt- found here.

These square vintage earrings are back for a VERY limited time!
Grab a pair while you can... found here.

Also be sure to check out this necklace! It's one of my fave new things in the shop.
A Princess Owl!!
 Found here.

Turning Jeans Into Capris Tutorial

I found some super cute jeans on major sale this week- Levi's for $12? Yes please! 
They were my size...but about 6 inches too long. 
I have about the shortest legs you can imagine. =)
Anyways, I was planning on hemming them into jeans...but then I remembered I am heading to California in a few days, and all I have are winter clothes. So capris were a must! 

Here are my jeans...ready to be cut up!

After putting the jeans on, mark off where you want the capris to hit. I used a pen to make my mark...which I don't recommend- but I couldn't find my tailor's chalk. 
After I made the first mark, I also made marks where I planned on folding it. I wanted a heavy hem, so I wanted to fold it more than once. 

Cut the fabric off on the last line, then fold it up to the middle one. IRON well. This is an important step. Steam helps!

After you fold it the first time, fold it up again to the next line and iron. Fold it one more time- and iron well. 
Using a denim needle and denim thread (I got both at Wal*Mart), I sewed around the leg.

The top hem is the original, and the bottom is the one I hemmed. Quite a difference, huh?

Using sandpaper, I roughed my hem up a bit. It doesn't look quite the same, but after a few washes it will! 
I also took a seam ripper and pulled a few denim threads out here and there. 

Sorry for the bad lighting, but here is what the sand paper/seam ripper did...

And now I have capris to wear in WARM weather!! I don't even remember what the sun looks is evident by the color of my legs!! hehe

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Guest Blogging!

Hey guys! Today I am guest blogging over at  
In Between Laundry !  
Come say hi!

New Sponsor!

Hey guys! Let me introduce you to my newest sponsor- Alex from 
Alexandra Rose Boutique!!  
 Here is a cute picture of her and her hubby

  {I'm super only kinda sorta jealous of her hair.}
Let me tell you a little bit about Alex before I show you some awesome things from her shop! First, she has a GREAT blog here- check it out! 
Alex is at a pretty awesome age in life (23, almost 24- just like me!! hehe) and is from Oregon. She is a wife and a mommy- and LOVES being both. 
Want some fun facts about Alex??
I knew you did. 

 Here are some fun things she admitted about herself. =) 

I'm addicted to chapstick...berts bees in particular, but in a crunch, anything will do

The labels on the food in my cupboards MUST be facing outwards.
It really bothers me to see the nutrition facts showing
{part of this OCD-ness may be related to the fact that I have clear glass cabinets}

I find it physically impossible to open a can of olives without eating at lest a few

I watch highly intellectual those on the bravo network such as The Real Housewives
{yes, every season}
and Million Dollar Listing

I love diet coke out of the fountain with a short straw...this is very important. I think I may have a fear of the super long straws poking me in the back of the throat...maybe.

I use to really enjoy watching scary movies, but NOT anymore!

I really, really love the beach.
Especially the type of beach where you can actually get in the water.

I talk fast, but I don't realize it.

I consider ice cream to be one of the major food groups.
{It is, isn't it?}

I'm clumsy, and I get embarrassed easily. This is not a good combination.

When it comes to fashion I usually decide that I can "pull off" a certain style
right before it goes out of style

I enjoy reading celebrity smut
{courtesy of my US Weekly subscription, thanks SIL :)}
 much more than I care to admit.

I have no idea what I want to be when I "grow up"
but if it involves crafting I think I'll be happy :)

I created this blog in hopes of connecting with other people who find joy in the same things I do. 
So if you enjoy all things crafty, vintage, eco-friendly, funny, mommy-related, embarrassing, and just plain honest, then go check her blog out! 

Check out these wonderfully wonderful things I am just loving from her shop~
Only THEE cutest checkbook covers

Luscious taggie blankets. Don't those look yummy?

Shabby Chic burp cloths.  With Chenille. Need I say more?

And stinking cute mini wallets! 

 Alex also has a facebook fan page (HERE)- and guess what!? Once she reaches 150 likes, she is going to do an awesome giveaway. So go over there and say hi to her from me!


Framed Canvas Art

 My sister (who also happens to be an AWESOME photographer... If you are in Utah, check her out here!!) and her hubby recently moved into a new apartment - and anybody who has lived in an apartment before knows they aren't always the prettiest. 

Well, this week she decided to tackle the bathroom and this lovely towel rod was just not cutting it!

So she went to the DI and found these frames for a $1.50. She already has the canvas, but you can get them at Wal-Mart for a few bucks. 

After painting the frames a bit, adding a small piece of scrapbook paper, and adding fabric to the canvas- here is what she came up with! Too cute! You can attach the frames with hot glue, gorilla glue, or even thick double sided tape! 

Then just hang, and enjoy!

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