A year or two ago I found a few gorgeous china plates at a garage sale. They were worn, but for some reason- I just loved them. Fast forward to a few weeks ago, when I went to my first auction (although I remember going to some with my dad when I was little). Sitting in a box were a few more pieces of that same china...and I got the whole box for $2.50. My friend mentioned to me the stamp on the bottom, which said, 'Made in Occupied Japan.' (For more information on Occupied Japan, see here.)
How awesome is that? Well, I knew that I wanted more of this china- preferably the whole set. But, I knew this would probably never happen. 
WELL--->   remember that china set I got at the auction last week? I bought it, because I figured it was my best bet at getting a full-ish vintage china set. I NEVER even realized, until a reader emailed me, that the flower print on this china is the EXACT SAME print as my beloved few pieces of Occupied Japan china. No wonder I was instantly drawn to it! Funny how things work out, huh? 

(My favorite print, on the right- and my auction find on the left)


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