Earring Holder Tutorial

I found a GORGEOUS frame at the DI for only $5. It has two chips in it (see pic below) - I plan on getting some gold paint to blend the white in ... The black part of the frame is velvet! 

I found this 25 foot roll of chicken wire at C-A-L Ranch for about $6....


I cut a piece to fit over the back of the frame using wire cutters. It would be best to use a staple gun to secure the wire down...but I only have a regular staple. =) I put in about a million staples, and it worked just fine! 

Here is what it looks like (from the front) so far--

 I saved the cardboard backing that originally came with the frame- but if yours doesn't have one, just cut some cardboard to size. 
I took some green-ish colored stretchy lace that I had lying around, and covered the cardboard piece with it. I was going to hot glue it on, but decided to staple it instead...

When you staple it, make sure the top of the stapler is stapling into the BACK of the cardboard piece. That way, you just have the two little prongs on the front (see above pic). 

Since I used lace, with a little fabric maneuvering I got the fabric to go over the top of the staple like this:

If you look closely, you can still see the staple- but it's not noticeable at all! Since I didn't use hot glue, I can easily change the fabric out whenever I want. 

The next step is to lay your backing in the frame. You will have to bend the chicken wire in some places for a good fit- but it's easy! My frame still had the silver staples, so I bent them back down and secured it like that.

Voila! A gorgeous earring holder! I am using this to display the earrings I will be selling in my shop and at local boutiques!

 Here are some closeups of my new vintage inspired earrings!!

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  1. Super cute! Love it! I like to collect frames and this is a perfect idea! Way to go, thanks for sharing!


  2. How nice! I like that you added lace. Thank you for sharing!

  3. sucha good idea!!!! Chicken wire is one of those random things that's hard to work with but you made it work!

  4. Soooo...I pretty much love your blog! HA And I have listed you as one of my favorite blogs and it comes with the "versitile blog" award! Come on over if you'd like to join in.


    And I need one of these...I just didn't know how to make it "me". But now i know! i LOVE lace! Sooo cute!

  5. This is adorable!! What a great idea. I could really use this to keep all of my earrings straight and organized!

  6. Looks super cute! I need to do this with one of the frames I have laying around!

  7. Good thinking with the chicken wire, I made an earring holder awhile ago with the lace and the frame, but I hardly ever use it now because I don't like taking out the backs of the earrings to hold them...the chicken wire makes it so much easier! Love it! Thanks for linking up to Try it Tuesday at DotDOtDot! I will be featuring this!!
    Have a great Monday!

  8. OMG!! Emily, my friend just gave me this frame's twin brother!! I loved this the first time I saw it and I can't believe it... I did a variation of this and will link up to you on Monday when i post, k?