Auction Finds

I've been on an auction kick lately- and loving it. I got a beautiful vintage dresser for $15 awhile ago, and some gorgeous vintage china that was made in 'occupied Japan.' 
Look up some auctions  in your town, and check them out. Make sure and get there as soon as it opens, bring something to drink/eat, and be prepared to wait awhile. Trust me tho- it's well worth it!

3 vintage (Pyrex) nesting bowls- I just LOVE the color. 
($6 for all 3)

I got this chandelier at the DI actually, but I wanted to show it to you. I have big plans for this baby! Can't wait to show you the end results.

I actually didn't mean to bid on this, but it ended up being super cheap. The edges are 22 Karat gold!

Got some fun vintage jewelery for a few bucks! The earrings are just gorgeous- I have plans of some awesome sweater clips coming soon. =)

 Scored this vintage lamp for $17- quite a splurge, but I just had to have it. Can't wait to fix it up!

 My best score? This beautiful vintage china set. On the back of each piece is says, "Guaranteed 22 karat gold." I think at one time this was service for 8, but a few pieces are missing- leaving me with a full service for 6 (plus some). I got the whole set for $25- a bargain.

These two don't go with the set originally, but they came in the same box at the auction.
 I love the cute name/date on the bottom. =)

Now I just need a china cabinet to store and display by treasures.... oh, and room for one. ;)

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  1. I LOVE it!!! (Especially that lamp!) I had no idea they did auctions in REXBURG! WHere! I want to go to one with you when I get back!