Cookie Sheet Magnet Board

I took an old cookie sheet (I forgot to take a picture...) and spray painted the edges and back- it could have used another coat...but I was impatient. 

Then I found some scrapbook paper and ribbon- Mod Podged it on

And voila! A great place to hang my orders,business cards, and inspiration pictures!


  1. Just ordered your owl coin purse, and I'm SUPER excited to get it. It's for my friend's birthday, and she is OBSESSED with owls. =)

  2. That is gorgeous! And what a fantastic idea, too. I will definitely have to be on the lookout for old cookie sheets. {The newer ones (at least the ones I've seen and own) do not have raised edges like that.}

    I'm visiting from Tatertots and Jello, and love what I've seen of your blog! I am your newest follower. :)

    {Beautiful Nest}

  3. im planning a similar project for my nursery...thanks for the inspiration. Love the paper idea.