I was re-arranging a few ornaments on my tree, thinking about Christmas, and I realized I don't have many Christ-centered Christmas decorations in my home. Isn't that what this season is truly about? I grabbed what I had around me and decided to make myself a little reminder. 

 I got this in the mail today, so I cut the flaps off...


Then I used some old glitter chipboard letters that I've had for years....


 Got my trusty glue gun...

 I glued on some scrapbook paper, distressed the edges with red ink, and glued on the letters. Then I just stuck it in my tree. I really like how it turned out- and it was SUPER easy.

I liked it so much, I even made two more! 
(The c in this might have been a G at one point...)

 (And the O in this was most definitely a Q at first...) 

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  1. What a fun idea! How cool is that?! I am definitely going to make one that says Christ!