Vintage Themed Room- On a budget

Alright, so living in an apartment definitely has its ups and downs.
One thing that really stinks is that I can't paint the walls-
another one... if we want to eventually buy a house, I can't spend a ton of money decorating. Really, for my bedroom- I had the challenge of a ZERO dollar budget. 

Another thing about being in an apartment, I need to make everything as functional as possible... since I don't have too much room! =)  Here is what I came up with:

Little shelves that I was going to throw out became the perfect clutch displays!

Here is the jewelry holder I made in THIS post. I also decided to hang my great-grandma's gorgeous purses as art work! =

I have a bunch of vintage gloves from Mike's grandma and my great-grandma... so this is how I decided to display them!!

My pillow is reversible..

I think I like this side better... but not sure!

The afghan at the end of the bed is a GORGEOUS one my mom made!!
Should I have it neatly folded or...

Just thrown on there?

Like my headboard??? I found this awesome door at an antique store for $20- repainted/stained it... drilled on some legs and made a headboard. I'm pretty proud of myself... and pretty in love with it! (I would have just left it as it was, but the paint was chipping off way too badly... and I was worried about lead paint. Better safe then sorry!)

On my dresser:

NOT a fan of this lamp,but I have to use what I have!

This isn't in my bedroom, but I wanted to show you anyways! My SIL Katie gave me this awesome vintagey end table (which is really a sewing table)
It looked like this:

And now looks like this:

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  1. I love the gloves on the clothesline! Very cute. I think the pillow on the opposite side looks better as well. What a great room!

  2. Um, I love the gloves! And I kinda like the afghan neatly folded... but thats just me. Love everything! Now you should come to my place! :)

  3. You are surrounded by such treasures! Thank you for sharing them with us!

  4. Gloves are so good i think you can also experiment this with some socks ...