Jewelry Holder

Wow. What happened to me?? =) Nothing too exciting. Just been beyond busy! This blog seemed to turn into a  CHORE and really started frustrating me because I thought I had to come up with all sorts of amazing ideas. SOOOO, this is now just going to be a little project journal of sorts.

Here is something I've been needing for awhile! 

It couldn't be much easier! I had an old cheap ($1) frame, which I spray painted Heirloom White and distressed the edges a bit w/sand paper.
I got rid of the "glass" (which was really some type of plastic) part - and painted the cardboard backing dark brown. 
I had some leftover antique glass knobs from an earlier project (which I need to blog about!!), and some ugly gold ones that I spray painted the same heirloom white color. 
The screws that came with them were obviously too long, so I just found some really short ones that fit. I just screwed them right into the backing! So easy. 

Well, I have some fun rings that I wanted to hang up also! I had some leftover ceiling hooks, so I just screwed those in, and they became the perfect ring holders. The screw does stick out the back a bit, but since I'm hanging it on the wall, and no one can see the back, I didn't mind. 

The last step is to take some ribbon, hot glue (on back of the ribbon) some tulle around it, wrap the whole ribbon around the back of the frame, and glue the ends. Let me know if you have any questions about that... it sounds much more confusing than it is. I promise! 

You can pin your brooches and hair accessories to the ribbon, then hang your earrings from the tulle! I found that the ribbon sagged a little where I hung up heavier earrings, so I just put a dab of hot glue at the top of those spots. 

I love how it doubles as art! You could also do this to a frame that has a stand, and set it up on your bathroom or vanity counter.

Send me pictures if you make one, I'd love to see your creations!


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  1. We missed you...I take a break when it seems like a chore is supposed to be for fun. Have you seen the book Blogging for Bliss...she is very good about doing it for the bliss.

    Your jewelry holder looks great and is very clever!