Rice Heating Pad

My lovely friend Mary came to me with a great idea! She wanted to make rice heating pads for her sisters- for Christmas! So, here is what we did:

Start with two pieces of fabric, whatever size you want. Put right sides together.

Sew around the sides, leaving an opening big enough to put rice in!

Turn right side out and fill with rice... but don't over fill it.

Fold your seam allowance over- where your gap is...

You can either machine stitch it closed, or hand sew. I hate hand sewing... so I used my machine. Make sure to PIN it really well, and you'll have to have someone hold it for you while you sew- otherwise rice will go everywhere! Trust me, I know from experience  because I thought it out carefully before sewing it...

Here is what ours looks like sewn... I know its not the neatest... but it gets the job done.

Next I just made a pouch for it to go in when its all nice and toasty... Mary picked out some amazingly soft, fuzzy material. Loved it. Put on some velcro to keep it shut, and there you have it!

An awesome way to relax those sore muscles!!

(Put the rice bag in the microwave to warm. Make sure the material is 100 percent cotton!)

You can also use it as an ice pack- just stick it in the freezer!

  Oh, and my new blogging friend Jeanette gave me and award and wrote a sweet post about this blog. How awesome is she? Click HERE to see the post. Make sure you explore her blog, its great!


Merry SITsmas!

Just wanted to say Merry SITSmas to everyone! My original post never showed up, so I wanted to make sure I got this on here real quick. If you haven't heard of SITS, click here. Its an awesome way to meet new friends!!


Crock-pot Lasagna

My great friend Mary gave me this recipe awhile back, and it has become a family favorite. My boys just LOVE it.

And it couldn't be easier!!

You make this in layers. (This is my second layer)
First, add the noodles!

Then some (already browned) meat!

Next, you add some cheese! I mix shredded cheddar and parmesan.

A little cottage cheese...

And some sauce! Not too much, because you add it each layer and you don't wanna drown the lasagna!

Repeat the layering process two more times (for a total of three layers) - and top it off with your cheese!!

Now, my crock-pot cooks pretty fast - so this is always done in 2 hours on low. It is SO delicious!!