How to make a Dessert Stand

This couldn't be ANY easier! Here is what I did: Got some plates and vases from the thrift store for .25 - .50 cents a piece... I spray painted them Dover White.

Then I glued them together with Gorilla Glue, which is an awesome craft glue! =) I used a box of slim-fast to "clamp" it down for half an hour...

 And that's it!! Adorable, CHEAP, and easy dessert stands!



  1. Clever...great idea. I always need stands.


  2. I think you are my new favorite person! What a great idea! I always see random plates or vases I like at yard sales or the GW and think, well, I could get it, but what could I do with it? Now, I know...amazing!!

  3. OMG you are awesome!! Love this and your redo of the stool!! I'm going to go look at older posts!