[Travel] Wipes Case Tutorial

You'll need two 9x 6" pieces of fashion fabric,two 9x6" of felt, 1.5 yards of coordinating
ribbon, and whatever embellishments you'd like!

Here they are all cut out...

Take your travel case and hot glue the FELT on first (on both sides).
This will help hide the marks on the wipes case...
Make sure you glue the fabric on straight!!
side note: i used thin scrap flannel that i had,
so to make it thicker, i just used two pieces on each side!

Glue on the fabric fabric next (on both sides)

When you are finished gluing it on, make sure to trim the fabric, but not
too much!

Pick out some coordinating ribbon (3/8" wide or smaller) and hot glue it on. Be very careful not to burn your fingers!! Start in the back, that way your ribbon seam won't be as noticeable!

{Sorry these pictures are such poor quality - I took them with my phone!!}
You can add a thicker ribbon and some buttons/embellishments to the front!

I found a great tutorial for the cutest yo-yos to add to the front. It can be found HERE!!

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  1. That looks so cute. I bet my BFF would love one of those for her baby wipes. She's not a crafty type, but loves handmade gifts. Thanks for the idea.